How do I Add a Print Button to Google Chrome?

How do I Print a Document in Google Chrome?

Now days google has been changed and Chrome’s come Advance version and no need to add a print button in google chrome toolbar.You use Command for printing any document for in google chrome shortcut Ctrl+P.


  • Launch Chrome on your computer and click the “Customize and Control” button. The button has three dot .Click on Setting .Click on Three horizontal lines.
  • Select “Printing” and click .After that Click on Printers.
  • Connected Your Printer Show.Click On Printer and Choose Print.


Use shortcut Code for Printing a Document on Web browser Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P .

Add a Printer Chrome Extension Such as Printing for Chrome 

Internet Explorer print a doc

  1. Open Internet Explorer on your computer and press the “Alt” key on your keyboard to reveal the Menu toolbar.
  2. Open the “View” menu and selectToolbars.”
  3. Select “Command Bar” to open the Command toolbar. The printer icon should appear as one of the Command toolbar’s standard icons. If the printer icon is not in the Command toolbar, right-click on the Command toolbar and choose “Customize.” OR Keyboard Command Ctrl+P


How do I Add a Print Button to Google Chrome?