How to configure Hp computer devices to wireless routers

How to configure Hp computer devices to wireless Printer

Computing was a leap we took to reach the modern world. The start of computing led us to simplify many processes that took a long time to finish. Computing helped people to do things they had never thought of. It helped them to invent new concepts, learn new things and do research on complex issues. The computers that are available today are built with some strong hardware and a compelling software to go with them , help centre HP printer technical support number.

With the developments in the computing technology, paved the road for many other inventions. One of them was the internet. As many people started to used computers, and many people started to buy them for their personal use, the need for a solution to communication between two computers increased manyfold. The concept of working between the computers gave rise to the discovery of many internet protocols. The telephone lines also helped by its own way for the evolution of the WWW. This led to the discovery of the WWW – World Wide Web. Worldwide web is a humongous inter-connection of every device connected to the internet.

HP Printer Tech Support Number
HP Printer Tech Support Number

The Internet is provided by the internet providers, (i.e.,) the connection giver for eg: AT & T, Sprint, Vodafone and many other service providers that we all are aware of. They would have dedicated servers through which we are connected as hosts. Their server acts as a gateway for us to visit or browse the websites on the Internet. So, firstly there were wired connections coming from a telephone line to the modem and then to the computer. But now, we are becoming a wireless world, so the wired internet connection too became the wireless connection HP printer technical support number.

Did you Know? The first ever message to be sent over the internet was sent between two professors in 1969. The message from a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to the second professor at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was sent.

HP printer technical support number

In the forthcoming article, you can see the steps to connect your HP Computer devices to Wireless routers.

1. Firstly, check once whether your PC has a wireless network adapter.
2. For this, go to Start and type device manager in the run or search box.
3. Select Device Manager.
4. Find Network adapters in the list.
5. If there is any network adapter that might have wireless in the name, then your computer is equipped with the wireless connection adaptability.


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If you are setting up your wireless router for the first time, then do the following.

1. Take help from your internet service provider for setting up the cable and its connection with the wireless router.
2. After the connection is made, it is time to set up the security for your network.
3. Log in to your Login ID and password provided by your ISP on your browser.
4. Do not forget to add WPA/WPS protection in the settings.
5. Set up the name of your network by typing the name in the respective text box.
6. Now set up the password in the upcoming windows.
7. After setting the password, it is wise to write it down or save it on your computer HP printer technical support number.

The wireless router will now work properly.

To connect your HP Computer to the wireless router, do the following.

1. Go to your desktop.
2. Locate the Network or ” ” icon in the notification area on your right side.
3. Press any one.
4. Now a list of Wireless connections near you will be detected by your personal computer.
5. In this list, Choose the home network that you want to connect to.
6. Then click on Connect.
7. Now you will be prompted to enter the security key in order to connect to the network.
8. Enter the security key (Security key is also called the password).
9. After the above step, you will be connected to the network.

Once you are connected to the network, you can be automatically connected whenever you are near the router. And you do not require to enter the password every time HP technical support.

How to configure Hp computer devices to wireless routers