Ink Cartridge HP Common Problems and Their Solutions ?

Ink is like kin for the printers. It is essentially the soul of the printer which makes it come alive with beautiful printing.

How does the Ink Cartridges work?

The beauty of the ink cartridge’s working lies in the physics of the device. The principle behind the working is Thermal Energy. In simple words, whenever you press the button print, the charges (from electricity) when passed through the ink cartridge will heat the ink and make it melt and flow through the ink nozzle. As a result, the ink will impress on the paper to print the document you just commanded HP Printer Support.

Here are some Common Ink Cartridge problems and their solutions 

Wrong or Incorrect Cartridge Installed

By installing the third party cartridges you making a huge sacrifice in the quality of the print. Other than that it can also cause incompatibility issues between the cartridge and the printer. Therefore never use the third party low-quality cartridges. You are sacrificing quality for sake of few bucks.

Ink Cartridge HP Common Problems

Print Head Failure

The printhead is that a part of the cartridge that is liable for being a tool through that the ink hits the paper. Due to ink drying, and longer time idleness of the printers, the print job can have some troubles like ink smudging or low-quality print will happen. This can be described as the print head failure. However, this problem is not that troublesome and can be prevented from occurrence. Just keep it a priority to use the printer at least once every week so that the ink does not get clogged up. Another thing that you could do is by running the cleanup feature in your printer regularly.

Leaking Ink cartridges

This issue will occur only because of incompatible cartridges and their bad design. This can also happen if you have wrongly fitted the cartridge other than of its apt position. Since the leakage necessarily doesn’t mean huge ink mishap but a very small amount on the paper or on the insides of the printer. Therefore, in order to be cautious about this issue use only HP Cartridges and refill good quality ink.

Vertical & Horizontal lines on the printed paper

This issue can cause loss of ink because the printed paper will be of less quality and you should print again for a clear print. This happens mainly because of the physical damage in the cartridge and to its drum. So be careful while handling the cartridge and do not put it down by mistake. In case of this issue, replace the cartridge.

Colour Mixing / Cross-Contamination

This issue occurs because one color leaking into the other. Therefore to solve this problem, remove the cartridge from the printer and carefully with a moistened paper towel wipe the print head. And run the cleanup feature routinely.

Clogged/Dried up ink

The clogged up ink cartridge is one problem that every one of the printer users faces. This is the most easily solvable problem as it just requires you to print every once in a week or at least once in 10 days to keep the ink at the state where it doesn’t dry.  But if you have dried up ink cartridge, just remove the ink cartridge and swatch it across the printhead (copper nozzle) with a moistened paper towel.

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These are most prevalent problems faced by the HP Printer users. These easily resolvable and doesn’t require many efforts. However, in case of any difficulties faced contact the HP  numbers 1-877-929-3373.

Ink Cartridge HP Common Problems and Their Solutions ?