HP Customer Service, What port to use for USB Printer ?

What Port to use for USB Printer Port?

When connecting a USB printer to your computer USB Printer Port, you have to connect the printer physically to your computer and electronically connect the device to the first available virtual printer port – USB 001 or USB 002 within Windows. If this is the only USB printer Port you are connecting to your computer, choose USB 001.

USB 001

USB 1 is the default printer port for USB printer and the first port selects Windows while connecting the printer through the operating system’s device and printer “Add Printer” utility. The printer installation process is done through the utility wizard, which runs through you selecting the port, installing the appropriate driver for the printer and printing the test page. After installation process is completed, the printer is assigned to the USB 1 port until you are desired.

USB  002USB printer port

USB 002  is also a virtual printer port that appears if USB 001 is already in use with any other USB printer. Port works like USB 001 so you can choose it for your USB printer and complete the installation process. Windows’ devices and printers “Add a printer” Utility After you choose the USB 002 , you also run through the installation process of your printer.

Extra USB ports

If you think that your Windows computer’s USB 001 and USB 002 port are both in use, then choose the next USB port – USB 003, USB 004, or another USB XX port, with “XXX” representing the unique number of USB port. If USB 3003 or USB 004 does not work then you can try different USB ports to see which will work with your printer. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation process.

Printer installation disk
If your USB printer comes with an installation disc, insert the disc before connecting to your computer; Follow the onscreen prompts to select USB 001 or any other USB Printer port and install your printer. The installation disc wizard will prompt you to connect to the printer after the port and the driver configuration process will be complete. The printer installation is completed, a test page prints, indicating that the printer is communicating with your computer.

How to Find a USB Printer Port

  • Click Start and then click “Control Panel.”
  • Click the ” devices and printers” link in the Hardware and Sound section to view all printers connected to your computer.
  • Right-click the printer that interests you and select Printer Properties from the context menu to open the printer’s Properties window.
  • Click the “Ports” tab to view the ports used by your printer and click “OK” to close the window after you find the port.
HP Customer Service, What port to use for USB Printer ?